THE STREAK STARTS NOW is the inspiring story of the Columbia University football players who break the team’s 44-game losing streak and ultimately bring a community together and emerge as men of true character.

This feature documentary by award-winning filmmaker Martin Huberman will focus on the dramatic and joyful game that ended the streak — Princeton at Columbia, October 8, 1988 — and will bring to life both the entertaining backstory and the surprising consequences for the scholar-athletes, the coaches, and even the fans who lived through all the losses — and the euphoric win.


The national media had been watching as some coaches were fired and some players quit. But other players stayed to fight-on and never, ever, gave up. This is their story — a remarkable story of teamwork, faith, loyalty, a lot of pain and a little bit of joy, and, above all, perseverance.

After the game, Columbia’s star running back Greg Abbruzzese was asked for his thoughts on ending the streak. “What streak,” he asked, “The streak starts now.”


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Martin Huberman graduated with a B.A. from Columbia ('91) and then an M.S. with honors from the Graduate School of Journalism ('92). He specializes in working for some of the nation's finest museums like the National Art Gallery, the Smithsonian Institution and the National Park Service and has interviewed subjects including Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Sandra Day O'Connor, Colin Powell and Ben Bernanke. And he is the winner of five MUSE Awards from the American Association of Museums.